The Picture-book Account

A brief account with pretty pictures

This is the picture book version of The Booze Cruise canal boating holiday, for those of you who take a week to read one paragraph, and find that whole sentences are just too much work.

To enjoy this version of the account just look at the list below and choose a day. You'll be taken to a new page where you can just look at the pretty pictures, and read the (brief) captions that go with them, charting the main events of the week. If you like the look of a certain picture, just click on it and you'll be taken to a large-size version of the picture. And if you suddenly decide you want to know more about a certain event than a caption can tell you, just click the caption that mentions the event and you'll be taken to the appropriate section in the full account.

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Picture-book chapters

link to photo: The Canterbury moored at the boat-hire base.

The start of the long cruise.

link to photo: A rural view of farmland and cattle.

Lazy day on the canal.

link to photo: Worcester Bridge spanning the River Severn.

The River Severn.

link to photo: Water gushes through the central paddle of a lock gate.

Rush to the World Cup.

link to photo: The narrowboat passing industrial land.

Longing for Wolverhampton.

link to photo: Baskerville House in Birmingham's city centre.

Stress in Birmingham.

link to photo: Almost at the end of the tunnel.

Doing the Tunnel.

link to photo: Mike using a locker

Returning home.