Monday 29th

Part of the picture-book account of The Booze Cruise

link to photo: John by the lock

We wake up and prepare to go through the big lock that will take us onto the River Severn.

link to photo: In the wide lock

Ben takes us through the wide lock and we begin a serene cruise along the Severn.

link to photo: Ben drinking

Everyone enjoys the peace on the Severn, and takes the oppurtunity to do some drinking.

link to photo: The private jetty

While pulling into a pub stop before a big, automated lock, Ben manages to trash a private jetty by colliding with it.

link to photo: Finbar in the rain

Once we'd been to the pub and managed to get through the automated lock without crashing into it, we were again slowly cruising down the Severn through the rain.

link to photo: Mark entering Stourport Basins

In the early evening we reach Stourport-On-Severn where we moor and fill the water tank.

link to photo: Going shopping in Stourport

Mark, Finbar, Rizwan and I go shopping for food.

link to photo: Rizwan turbo-trolley

While Mark and Finbar moan about the presence of the camera, Rizwan gets overexcited in the Frozen Foods section of the store.

link to photo: Checking out

We get the food through the checkout and return to the boat. We eat pizzas, drink plenty and then the front of the boat turns into a social area again. Everyone tries to get to sleep except myself and Ben who talk loudly for too long, to Finbar's great displeasure.