Sunday 28th

Part of the picture-book account of The Booze Cruise

link to photo: Small cattle farm

The day's cruise starts early and passes through some peaceful green surroundings.

link to photo: Rizwan and the TV

During a lockless, peaceful stretch of the canal, Rizwan tries in vain to get a picture on the TV while everyone else sits about reading and listening to music.

link to photo: In the pub garden at Tibberton

After a while we stop at Tibberton for a drink.

link to photo: The Spice Wok

The next stop is Worcester, where we alight to get food from takeaway restaurants...

link to photo: In the petrol station kiosk

...and supplies from a petrol station kiosk up the road.

link to photo: The crew enjoy dinner

The crew enjoy their meals before we head off again, to the day's final destination: Diglis Basins.

link to photo: Swinging into collision

John overpowers the boat's entrance into Diglis Basin and manages to bounce off of most of the moored boats...

link to photo: Worried boat owner

...scaring the life out of most of the boat-owners in the basin.

link to photo: Saviour of Diglis Basin

Luckily, one of the boat-owners steers us safely out of the basin before John can threaten any more wreckage.

link to photo: Recovering at the pub

Safe at last, we enjoy a round of drinks at the nearby pub.

link to photo: Rizwan speed-reading

The front bedroom becomes a social area for an hour or so before everyone goes to their own beds to sleep.

link to photo: Night photography

Unwilling to sleep, Ben and I go out into the dark to do some night photography, only returning to the boat when dawn threatens to turn night into day.