Mike queuing to pay for supplies at a petrol station kiosk

photo: Mike waits behind a customer at the counter of the kiosk; all around is colour — the flourescent lights along the ceiling are trimmed with red plastic, the aisle behind Mike is crammed with chocolate bars, bags of savoury snacks, an ice-cream freezer, and tired pictures of junk food above the drinks and cornish pastie fridges; in the far right of the image, loitering in the chilled goods aisle, is Finbar.

Location: a petrol station in Worcester, Worcestershire.

Date: Sunday 28th June 1998.

Equipment: Yashica T5 compact.

Emulsion: Fujifilm Superia 400.

Keywords: petrol station kiosk, convenience foods, chocolate, crisps, ice cream, soft drinks, shop counter, customers, waiting in line.