Saturday 27th

Part of the picture-book account of The Booze Cruise

link to photo: Ben tests his sign language

Four of us get the train up to London Victoria.

link to photo: Finbar leaving WH Smith

We arrive at Victoria Station and get some reading material.

link to photo: Mike waiting for the coach

At Victoria Coach Station we meet up with the other three, then wait patiently at terminal five. Mark and Finbar make us miss all the good seats. Ben is not happy.

link to photo: John on the coach

Then the three-hour journey to Birmingham.

link to photo: Digbeth Coach Station

The coach journey ends in Birmingham, so...

link to photo: In the cab

...we get a cab to Tardebigge.

link to photo: The Canterbury ready for cruising

Once at Tardebigge we see our boat for the first time, then cram onto it with the shopping supplies.

link to photo: Mike in the kitchen

Mike does a professional inspection of the boat.

link to photo: Finbar makes tea

After a lesson on how to use the boat, the voyage begins. Finbar makes some hot drinks to settle the crew in.

link to photo: Rizwan pulls the boat in

We reach the first of Tardebigge's many locks and people jump off the boat to pull us into the bank.

link to photo: The first lock

The lock-keeper explains how to correctly pass through canal locks.

link to photo: Ben at the bottom of the lock

Ben takes the boat through the first lock and then we carry on through the other thirty-five locks until we reach Stoke Works.

link to photo: Arrrgh! I cant stop the thing

At Stoke Works we realise we can't stop the engine, so we enlist the help of a passing stranger.

link to photo: The first pub stop

After the engine is stopped, we go to the nearby pub. After one round of drinks, the exhausted crew return to the boat.

link to photo: Ben and Finbar do food

Ben and Finbar cook a meal, more drinks are had, and eventually we all retire to bed. Rizwan goes slightly ballistic at the theft of his bedcover.