The first pub stop

photo: Mike, Rizwan and John sit around a table in the foreground of the shot, each with a drink on the table; Mike looks tired; Rizwan looks happy to be in the shot, leaning into shot and blocking John from full view; in the background are the other three crew members on their own table.

Location: the pub by the canal at Stoke Works, Worcestershire.

Date: Saturday 27th June 1998.

Equipment: Yashica T5 compact.

Emulsion: Fujifilm Superia 400.

Keywords: pub garden, pint glasses, lager, cola.

Notes: too dark to hold the camera for the second-long exposure, I had to rest the little camera on my pint glass to take this shot. I got the shot but, as you can see, a pint-glass monopod hardly makes for good framing.