Royal Worcester porcelain works and Townsend's Mill

photo: the night sky is a cloudy purple-orange; the redbrick side of the leftmost building glows orange with the colour cast from the security light nearby; the front of the three old industrial buildings are dimmer, bathed in a mix of orange and green colours cast by the different lights on around them; further along the canal to the right, some smaller buildings are bathed only in the same green-blue light that shines beyond a bridge.

Location: opposite the moorings just before Diglis Basin, Worcester.

Date: Monday 29th June 1998.

Equipment: Canon EOS 50e using 28mm f/2.8 lens.

Emulsion: Fujifilm Superia 100.

Keywords: Royal Worcester porcelain works, Townsend's Mill, industrial buildings, dusk.

Notes: I'm very pleased with the result of this shot. Using partial metering I measured the light off the dark side of the nearest building, getting a one minute exposure time. And it worked nicely, I think.