Tuesday 30th

Part of the picture-book account of The Booze Cruise

link to photo: Passing through Kidderminster

After waking, I learn of the plan to rush to the day's final target (Swindon) without stopping because most of the crew want to get to a pub with a TV to watch the World Cup 98 football match.

link to photo: Gushing waters

Things go well until Finbar opens a central paddle on a lock before we've closed the boat doors. Water gushes all over the front of the boat and floods the front bedroom.

link to photo: John on the roof

Progress is slowed further by the shallow waters and overhanging branches. The boat keeps getting grounded on the rich canal floor, so the crew take to the roof with barge poles and push us off of the bank.

link to photo: The Navigation

After running out of time, we abandon the idea of getting to Swindon, and stop at Greensforge, quickly going into a pub called The Navigation which has a small TV on which the whole pub watch the match.

link to photo: Watching the match

England lose to Argentina, and the crew return to the boat depressed at the loss.