Copyright Notice Detail

The meaning behind that common notice

The Notice

All of my work found on this site is Copyright © 1998–2008 Bobulous. All rights are reserved.

All extracts from the Canal Companion are Copyright © 1996 Michael Pearson — all rights reserved. The extracts found on this site were used with permission.


my work
refers to all text and all images originated by Bobulous and DOES NOT include the extracts from the Canal Companion.
refers to all graphics on this site, regardless of file format.
this site
refers to The Booze Cruise pages.
Canal Companion
refers to J.M. Pearson & Son Ltd's publication Canal Companion: Stourport Ring, The Black Country Ring, And Birmingham Canal Navigations.

What Does Copyright Mean?

It means that a person's original work is theirs to do with what they will. No one else's.

Just because I've uploaded my work to a globally-accessible web server does not mean that it becomes public domain. I own the legal right to decide what is done with my work. No one else can decide what is done with my text or my photographs, or any original work that I ever have, or ever will, create.

A copyrighted work cannot be copied without permission from the copyright holder. No part of my work can be put up on another Web site nor published in print, without permission. This applies whether or not a fee is charged for exchange of coprighted items.

By ignoring copyright you become liable for legal procedings.

The Result

The result of all this is simple. If you want to use part or all of my work for your own purposes, then you must acquire permission from me before using any of my work.

Note that I am not able to give permission regarding use of any of the extracts from the Canal Companion. The copyright for the Canal Companion is held by Michael Pearson, and he should be sought with any requests regarding those works.