Saturday 4th

Part of the picture-book account of The Booze Cruise

link to photo: Back at Tardebigge

Our cruise meets with its termination point and we alight at Tardebigge, bid farewell to our narrowboat, then get a minibus to take us to Birmingham.

link to photo: Mike using a locker

We get to Digbeth Coach Station, dump our stuff in lockers and then head out into Birmingham with plenty of time before our coach is due.

link to photo: At the market

Unfortunately we end up in Birmingham's Rag Market where Finbar and Mark spend hours looking at each stall.

link to photo: Rizwan at The Figure Of Eight

After disagreements about where to spend the time, the group splits and I go with Rizwan, Mike and John to The Figure Of Eight.

link to photo: Waiting at Digbeth

We all meet back at Digbeth Coach Station and wait patiently for our transport.

link to photo: Rizwan on the coach

The coach journey passes quietly, everyone reading or listening to music.

link to photo: Buying tickets for home

Back in London we say goodbye to Ben and head to Victoria Station.

link to photo: Sutton Station

We say goodbye to Mike and Rizwan (who get another train). I, Mark, Finbar and John travel to Sutton Station.

link to photo: Leaving Sutton Station

I say goodbye to Mark, Finbar and John at Sutton, and then we all head for home.