Friday 3rd

Part of the picture-book account of The Booze Cruise

link to photo: Cadbury factory

After setting off, Rizwan and I are most upset to discover that no one else wants to go to the Cadbury World factory.

link to photo: Ben cleaning with the hose

Most of the crew suddenly develop the urge to clean and repair every square inch of the boat. Rizwan and I suddenly develop the urge to go to the shop while we're moored, to get out of doing any work.

link to photo: Heading into Wast Hill Tunnel

The cleaning finished, we set off again, soon reaching the almighty Wast Hill Tunnel.

link to photo: Inside the tunnel

Wast Hill Tunnel takes a long, long time to drive a narrowboat through.

link to photo: Almost there

During the tunnel experience, everyone takes photos, makes full use of the echo, and looks forward to reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

link to photo: Emerged

And beautiful it is.

link to photo: The pub garden in Arrowfield Top

Stopping at Arrowfield Top for a drink, Mark and Mike hatch a plan to acquire a pub garden umbrella for their own homes.

link to photo: Looking suspicious by the umbrellas

The plan fails and we continue empty-handed down the canal.

link to photo: The Red Lion

Reaching Alvechurch, we laze about on the boat while Mike well and truly does the dishes, then head into the village to visit The Red Lion.

link to photo: Sitting about in The Red Lion

The evening quickly degenerates into obscene noises, camera-flash wars and upsetting the customers and staff.

link to photo: John drinking

Finishing our drinks we head back to the boat, managing to lock Mark, Mike, Rizwan and John out of the boat. They are not happy when we finally let them in. They calm down, though, and we retire to our beds amidst camera-flash wars and much talking.