Reunion: Friday 17th July, Late-evening

The last part of The Booze Cruise full account

Two weeks ago we'd been in Alvechurch, disgusting the drinkers in The Red Lion. Now Mark, Finbar, Ben and Mike were meeting in Sutton to discuss, over drinks, a holiday they were soon to take in Ibiza. I was just going along to add my charismatic presence.

I met Mark in Sutton High Street, we met Ben at Sutton Station. Then the three of us headed to a Wetherspoon's pub called The Moon On The Hill, a favourite pub of Mark and Finbar's, and the reason for the Wetherspoon's popularity during the canal trip.

We sat in a corner seating area in the pub, and Mark immediately got out of his bag an SLR camera he'd bought a few days before, hoping I could show him how to use it. Mike turned up while Mark and I were engrossed in the manual camera, figuring out all the controls. Mike couldn't believe what he was seeing: Mark had defected. He was actually sitting with a camera in a pub.

Finbar turned up a while later, very displeased to learn that now Mark had a camera with him. Even less pleased when he noticed that I'd got the Yashica compact with me too.

link to photo: Finbar gets nuked

What a freak, Mike muttered under his breath to Ben, who was also astonishingly bored with the talk about and presence of cameras.

Uh, Mike, I complained. Let me just clear something up. You have just started playing Games Workshop games again, is that right?

Mike went a quick shade of red, mumbled: Uh, yeah.

Playing with little lead models? I asked, smiling.

Oh, yeah, Mike mumbled, Finbar and Ben laughing at his sudden loss of credibility. Mike didn't mutter again about Mark's new purchase.

link to photo: Ben and Mike

God, Bobby, Mark said apologetically. I feel sorry now I know how it feels. I wish I hadn't taken the piss during the holiday just because you had your cameras with you in pubs.

Yeah, well, I said humbly, that's okay. And don't forget you were taking the piss out of me for taking pictures in the Co-Op. Do you now agree there's nothing wrong with getting pictures in a supermarket?

Oh, no, Mark said defensively as he tried to work the manual flash. I still think that was a sad thing to do.

link to photo: Mark and his new camera