Finbar gets nuked

photo: Finbar is sat with a pint of beer at a small wood table; he is harshly lit, and the pub behind him has gone a murky black due to underexposure.

Location: The Moon On The Hill pub in Sutton.

Date: Friday 17th July 1998.

Equipment: Yashica T5 compact.

Emulsion: Fujifilm Superia 400.

Keywords: pub, drinks, pint glass, bottles, alcohol, beer, schnaps, harsh flash, happy expression.

Notes: this is why you should not use on-camera flash in dark places. Notice how like a cardboard-cutout Finbar looks with only one light source near the camera. Marvel at how effectively a rapid-exposure completely blacks out the ambient light in the background. Much better to steady the camera and take an ambient-light exposure.