The Full Account

A wordy account full of photographs

This is the full-length-version account of The Booze Cruise canal boating holiday. It does contain frequent strong language.

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26th June 1998; 1230 words; no photographs.

Staying at Mark's; World Cup 98; Mary Poppins medley; insomnia.


27th June 1998; 4,197 words; 17 photographs.

Sutton to Victoria; London to Birmingham; starting the cruise; Rizwan's bedcover.


28th June 1998; 3,576 words; 15 photographs.

Lazy Sunday afternoon; dinner in Worcester; John trashing Diglis Basin; night photography.


29th June 1998; 4,428 words; 14 photographs.

Cruising on the River Severn; trashing the private jetty; the Co-Op Supermarket experience; pizzas for tea.


30th June 1998; 2,954 words; 9 photographs.

Finbar-induced flooding; abandoning Mike and John; the race to see World Cup 98; depression and loss.


1st July 1998; 2,801 words; 5 photographs.

Stop in Compton; long hard canal into Wolverhampton; death of a dustbin; loud at the pub.


2nd July 1998; 5,730 words; 12 photographs.

Nosy construction workers; popular in Birmingham; thrown out of the pub; the Little Green Man.


3rd July 1998; 3,774 words; 12 photographs.

Washing the boat; Wast Hill Tunnel; theft of a pub umbrella; breach of the peace in Alvechurch.


4th July 1998; 3,326 words; 13 photographs.

Back to where it started; afternoon in Birmingham; returning to London; end of the holiday.


17th July 1998; 380 words; 3 photographs.

Drinking in Sutton with Mark, Ben, Finbar and Mike.

Whole document: 32,396 words; 100 photographs; image every 8 paragraphs.