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The BC Free-Music Review is yet another site from Bobulous Central. It's a site where I'll review a bunch of non-commercial MP3 music files that I've downloaded each week from one of the several non-commercial music depots that have appeared recently. I aim to review between six and twelve music tracks each week. I use Winamp to play the music files because it's a great piece of software.


I'm doing this because, currently, a lot of people sneer at non-commercial music. So did I until about a week ago, but I was shocked enough to discover that some of it is very impressive. So here I am to look for diamonds in the rough and share my findings with whoever wants to listen.


My reviews will be as objective as I can make them, because if I inject purely my opinion into each review, the site will be more than useless to everyone else. So I'm looking for things like originality, sound quality, and style. But forgive me if I get a little biased occasionally if a track sucks.

News and Messages

March 30th, 2006

As you may have guessed, this section is no longer updated. I've just converted the pages from HTML 3.2 to XHTML 1.0 Strict for technical reasons, but this section of the site should be considered discontinued. MP3.com, where the non-commercial music used to be downloaded from, no longer deals in non-commercial music. It is now a fully commercial site.

September 1st, 2000

Okay, so I've been busy for a little while. I intend to return service to this section of the site again now. Starting with a review of a group called Epic. Go read it. Now.

July 18th, 1999

A little late in uploading this set of reviews: six MP3s I downloaded July 4th, because I was on holiday. But the reviews are here now.

July 3rd, 1999

Twelve tracks this week, and the theme seems to have become the Y2K problem. No track got a full rating from me this week, but there are a couple of good tracks.

June 26th, 1999

Maybe I'm just easily pleased, but there is so much free-music on the 'Net worth listening to that I wonder how long it'll be before the MP3 culture outshines the commercial world. This week I've uploaded my thoughts on another ten free-music files from MP3.com.

June 19th, 1999

Eleven MP3 files to start the site off. Let me know what you think of the site. E-mail address at the bottom of the page.