Prague, Czech Republic

A fine river city in eastern central Europe. I spent several days in Prague with two friends. We stayed at a youth hostel next to a derelict football stadium. Its corridors and rooms did vaguely resemble a prison, but it was clean and comfortable and only a short walk from the centre of the city.

photo: A view of Prague Castle from some distance away. Grey stone walls and towers are topped with red tiles.
Prague Castle.

Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) is well worth a visit, and its area contains several places of interest. Saint Vitus Cathedral is one such place, a dark and imposing structure in late-gothic style, with a crypt you can enter to be near the remains of kings and emperors.

Gothic architecture is a common feature in Prague. The Charles Bridge spans the river Vltava in grand style, dotted with statues and ending with a gothic bridge tower. The area around the bridge seems to be a strong focus for tourists in the city centre, and you'll find artists and craftsmen selling their works all along the length of the Charles Bridge.

If something slightly unusual is to your taste, you'll find the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments not far from the gothic bridge tower. The exhibits clearly detail the cruelty of interrogation, torture and execution, with a history of each exhibit in Czech and English.

photo: Two people stand at a large window, looking out over a wide view of Prague's houses and streets.
This is one view you get from the Television Tower.

For a good view of the city, the Prague Television Tower claims to be the highest tower in the Czech Republic, and offers an observation deck and a bar and restaurant.

Prague has plenty of nice bars and restaurants, plenty of attractions, and lots of atmosphere, and getting around is no problem on foot and using the clean and efficient underground trains. It's a great place to go for a short break.