Miscellaneous contents page

Bob's recommended.
A list of vendors and services that Bob thinks are worth recommending to others.
Not recommended.
Companies and products that you would be better off avoiding.
Using the Dvorak keyboard layout in FreeBSD.
A guide to changing keyboard layout to anything other that the standard keyboard layout (usually US QWERTY) in FreeBSD, even in single user mode.
Website fouls.
How not to build website pages.
Why you should use open source, free software.
Reasons to abandon commercial software.
Comparing lossless and lossy audio formats.
Looking at audio formats other than MP3, and why you should be using a lossless audio format to archive your music collection.
How to ace that job interview.
Tips for making the perfect impression on job interviewers.
Writing mistakes that people make every day.
Sutton, London.
A brief history of the town.
Audio formats comparison 2006.
A big look at six lossless formats and five lossy formats for encoding music to.
Third-party cookies.
Why you may want to block third-party cookies, and how to tell your web browser to block them.
Replay Gain.
How to play your digital music without volume fluctuations.
Which Zen ADSL package suits you?
Comparing the cost of broadband packages as monthly usage increases.
Games that could make great movies: Half-Life.
My pitch to any movie moguls out there: Half-Life could make a great movie.
File backup checklist.
Files you ought to consider when creating a backup of your system.
Flexible working.
The advantages and disadvantages to becoming a flexible worker.
Backup with encryption.
How to create a Windows batch file that saves your files into an encrypted backup space.
Replay Gain in Linux.
A counterpart to the earlier article, this time with Replay Gain tips for Linux users.
A list of the fifty states of the USA.
Handy if you draw a blank while playing the fifty states game.
A list of the thirty-two London boroughs.
Handy for working out which London boroughs you've forgotten.
Running Spotify in Linux using Wine under a separate user account.
Run Wine under a user account that is denied access to your personal files and folders.
Web Design Crimes.
A 2010 addendum to the 2004 list of website design fouls.
A brief guide to digital certificates.
Why more people and businesses should be using digital certificates for email and document signing.
An rsync backup script for Linux.
Creating a script which mounts a backup volume and runs rsync to backup new and changed files.