Review: Sennheiser PX100

A brief product review by Bobulous.

photo: Sennheiser PX100 headphones.


The Sennheiser PX100 is a pair of lightweight, portable headphones with a headband.


The Sennheiser PX100 comes in a handy hard case that makes it easy to safely carry the headphones around with you. Unwinding the cable, removing the headphones from the case, unfolding the headphones, expanding the headband to fit you and then getting the thing to stay on your head can be a tricky feat the first time you do it. However, storing the headphones in this way does keep them safe in a package barely bigger than a spectacles case.

photo: Sennheiser PX100 headphones folded-up.

Once the PX100 is on your head, though, it does sit comfortably. The ear cups have soft foam pads that allow a gentle fit against your ears. The headband also has padding, so the headband sits away from the head to avoid any chafing.

The sound that is produced by the PX100 is powerful and bass-heavy. In fact, the bass seems to overwhelm the performance. Listening to jungle music on the PX100 at a decent volume feels like sitting in the back of a boy racer's car with two subwoofers installed and no extra tweeters. Rock and metal tracks sound a little muddy because the bass plays such a big part in the sound. Many people will prefer this bassy sound, but others may have to make a small equalizer adjustment to balance the sound more to their liking.

Treble is clear and distinct, but it doesn't sound as free as I'm used to. However, I'm used to listening to music at home through a pair of Grado SR80 hi-fi quality headphones, and I think that any pair of portable headphones would find it hard to match these. The Sennheiser PX100 leaves treble sounding a little muted in comparison, but there's still plenty of detail in the sound.

While the PX100 cannot compare to a big pair of hi-fi quality headphones, such comments do not really apply to someone who wants headphones to travel to work with. Noisy roads, noisy trains and buses, and noisy offices will make sound quality a much lesser priority. And that's before taking into account that most people at the moment listen to heavily-compressed MP3 versions of their music collection. Out on the street it's practicality that matters, and the PX100 headphones make very comfortable travel companions.


Sennheiser's PX100 headphones are light and comfortable, and the compact carry case makes them very suitable for travelling with. The sound is somewhat over-laden with bass, and while this may suit some people and some types of music, others may be dissatisfied.