Yodel Peaks

The manual says:

The Alps have never looked more awesome, or more dangerous. Watch it on the corners or you'll end up in a ravine.

Hazards and shortcuts:

Good vehicle choices:

Monster, School Bus, Smoke.

Bad vehicle choices:

Coop, Banana, Vegas.

Map of Yodel Peaks track.

Guide to map

  1. Look out for the snow chute here. You can slide down it and avoid two whole sections of road. The problem with this rather fun shortcut is the landing. You almost always end up facing the wrong way, and this means being overtaken by anyone close behind. Heavy vehicles do a better job of this one than a light, bouncy car.
  2. For those with low self-control you'll probably end up on this disused side road. Trying to take the previous corner too fast will cause you to skid onto this side road at some speed, but you can drive along it and get back on track. As long as you don't spin much.
  3. A choice of two routes: having timed each route, I've found no difference. It's a matter of taste: the left route leads to a jump.
  4. Nasty, nasty corner. This really causes problems for light (and therfore bouncy) cars that won't hold onto the road. Heavy vehicles can go straight over that bump without problem, saving them a lot of effort. Smaller cars have to skilfully manoeuvre around it, or risk being thrown up in the air.
  5. Avalanche! Stunning as this is graphically, it really isn't quite such a joy to experience close up. Being in the path of the boulders and the snow when this act of God begins will knock you reeling into the slopes below, forcing you to wait for you car to be recovered. You can't really see this one coming. Just turbo down this straight and hope for the best.
  6. This small town has the only thing resembling good roads. Make the most of it if you're in a sport car.
  7. Another straight, another junction. This time take the left route and head up to the jump. This is slightly quicker than the alternative: a nice drive in the snow.
Image of Moosejaw Falls.