Tokyo Bullet

The manual says:

The sprawling urban clearways of this track favour the quick and nimble cars. Fast, frantic and not for the faint hearted!!

Hazards and shortcuts:

Good vehicle choices:

Monster, Banana, Vegas.

Bad vehicle choices:

School Bus, Smoke, Evac.

Description of track

This is the ultimate speedway. All of it tarmac (except for a small section at the very end), this is a spaghetti junction of motorway, surrounded by Japanese shops and neon lights. Racing at night you'll be forced to make your way by the light of streetlamps, coursing around like a demented blood cell along these tarmac arteries. There's very little I can say about the layout of this track except: learn it well. Instead I'll impart upon you some wisdom about the main hazards of the track.

Stay in the centre of the track, and make sure you're aligned properly before hitting the turbo. This way you're unlikely to crash into the roadworks when they turn up.

Don't corner too madly or you'll spin, and doing this on a track this bizarre will lose you a lot of seconds. Keep it cool and corner wisely. Also, look out for the section of track with no barrier. Falling off the track will discover to you a nice big pool of water just waiting to welcome your car.

As you come toward the end of the track you'll notice you're driving along a patch of dirt track. This unfinished road is a warning about a shortcut coming up. Half-way up the dirt track is a length of warning stripes. Turn into the warning stripes and you'll be driving right across a runway, planes and all. This saves valuable seconds and can often advance you several places in the lineup, but don't use this shortcut if you hear the high-pitch whine of a jumbo jet. Crossing the runway when a plane is taxiing is a real bad idea, and you'll lose all the advantage of the shortcut and then some.