Snake Island

The manual says:

Shimmering sea-side vistas and some of the most twisting bridges ever conceived. Watch your speed on the spiral bridge.

Hazards and shortcuts:

Good vehicle choices:

Monster, Enforcer, Redneck, Banana, Vegas (and, of course, Ignition).

Bad vehicle choices:

Smoke, Evac.

Map of Snake Island track.

Guide to map

  1. Nice long bridge. Get the turbo ready.
  2. This small town provides a great place for a turbo boost.
  3. Sharp bend with no walls. Handle slowly and carefully.
  4. Corkscrew here: three layers of winding road that would dizzy even a carousel attendant. Steer smoothly or you'll spend the whole time grinding into the curve, wasting a lot of time while you're at it. After the corkscrew is the longest straight in the whole game. Make use of it if you're in a fast car, and try to block the way if you're not.
  5. Turn in here. Apparently this is a shortcut, but it doesn't gain a massive advantage. Watch out for the cross-jump up ahead. If you jump across from one way, and another vehicles jumps across from the other way, you'll probably both collide mid-air, knocking both of you into the ocean and out of the running.
  6. The cars that did turn in for the shortcut will have gone up to a raised track, and now they drop down onto the normal track at this point. Look out below!