Lost Ruins

The manual says:

Rushing through the Aztec temples you'll encounter boulders in a hurry and some really fun shortcuts. Fortune favours the brave.

Hazards and shortcuts:

Good vehicle choices:

Banana, Monster, Ignition.

Bad vehicle choices:

No really bad choices, given a good driver.

Map of Lost Ruins track.

Guide to map

  1. Watch out as you drive past the trickling waterfalls. The view is disturbed by steam, and bad cornering will throw you into the depths of a lush ravine. It's so deep that it takes extra time to hit the bottom, wasting lots of race time.
  2. If you're in a manoeuvrable or small vehicle, take the rope bridge if you need to gain an advantage on a tailing opponent. Otherwise steer well clear: if you manoeuvre badly you'll get stuck in the middle of the road and someone will probably crash into you, spinning you all over the place. As the man. says: Fortune favours the brave (until they get stuck on a rope bridge).
  3. Nice, sharp bend, made safe by a wood barrier to stop you plummeting to your doom. Powerskids, please.
  4. At this junction I tend to go straight on and up the pyramid monument, although if you go the other way you can make use of a turbo. However, do not turbo while heading up the monument, because you'll probably either explode mid-air, or bounce on some unseen object and get stuck on the other side of the pyramid, looking the wrong way. Control your need for speed and save the turbo for the next obstacle . . .
  5. . . . a section of track with boulders rolling across it. You've got to expect strange things in this game. Don't, however, expect to get away easily if a boulder runs you over. You'll be squashed. Instead, time your approach carefully, and turbo past if you need to.
  6. Great, wonderful, superb bit of winding track this. Just try not to smile as you skid round one twisting curve after another, over bridges, past stone shrines and around sacred fires. This bit really shows off the graphics.
  7. As you make your way up to the big leap, you encounter a really nasty bend. Take this one carefully, as getting stuck on this corner has brought on the end of many a fine champion's chances.
  8. This is it, the big jump. Align your car carefully, for flying off the top of a mountain at an angle will certainly send you bouncing around when you land, and that is not recommended for the serious driver. Get some speed up, turbo if you have to, but leap off that cliff and do it in style; the finish line is just past the landing zone.
Image of Lost Ruins.