News and FAQs about Ignition


Unique Devolpment Studios, the creator of Ignition, shut down in December 2004. Consequently, it is unlikely that any further news about the game will emerge.

Frequently asked questions

Ignition is not a complex game, so this section is fairly small. However, one or two questions have arisen frequently enough to warrant a small section on the site in reply.

Can I edit the cars in Ignition?

Apparently yes. See the section below.

Can I build my own cars and tracks?

No. Unlike Quake, you cannot get editors that allow you to make your own tracks or change the cars or graphics.

Will there be any official track add-on packs?

Peter Zetterberg (head of UDS production) says that there are no plans to release any add-ons or game updates.

Are there any cheats for Ignition?

None that help you win.

Can I use Ignition with a PowerVR card?


When is Ignition released in the US?

It looks like it never will be released in the US. In fact, it is now very difficult to find the game for sale in the UK.

Editing the cars

Stu Todd has emailed me (4th October 2003) with the following information on editing the difficulty of the cars. I have not tested this process, so try it at your own risk, and make sure to follow Stu's advice if you try it: back up your original files.

I would just like to share that you can increase the difficulty of the other seven computer racers by tweaking with the file named test.ais, located in the CARS directory.

Firstly make a copy (named either test.ais or copy of test.ais) just in case something goes wrong or you need to go back to the defult values...

Next open the orginal file in Notepad or WordPad. You will see a list of values under headings car 1, car 2, etc.

And just change the vaules, higher the value- the computer player gets better, the lower the value- the computer player get worse.

Once you've fiddled with the values, save the file and run Ignition.

I'm still getting to grips with the language they used to program it. I've been screwing around with another areas of the code in an attempt the change car stats and add a ramdom element to the computer's car selection for each level. Also hopfully allowing the computer to race another Ignition type car against me. I'll keep you posted.

Kind regards,