Moosejaw Falls

The manual says:

Canyons gushing with water and farm machinery are just two of the hazards on the verdant track. Watch out for the lightning, too.

Hazards and shortcuts:

Good vehicle choices:

Pretty much any vehicle can do a nice job on this track, as it's a fair mixture of dirt track and road, giving each vehicle a chance to show its stuff.

Map of Moosejaw Falls track.

Guide to map:

  1. Tight corner this one. Lay off the turbo here and save it for the straight that is just ahead.
  2. Keeping an eye out for the train, cross the railway track here. Don't go over the bridge even if the train is in the way. It's actually quicker to crash into the train, or skid to a halt and wait until the train has passed.
  3. The weather takes a turn for the worse at this point.
  4. Sharp bend facing into a ravine. Keep into the bend, but don't bother to slow your speed: it's not that tight a curve.
  5. Drop from the cliff onto the track below, being careful not to skid off to the side.
  6. Get some speed up for the jump up ahead.
  7. Sharp u-bend great for skid-turns.
  8. Sharp drop great for plummeting off. Don't turbo when heading up to this, or you'll lose a lot of time.
  9. Take the shortcut here, but mind that tricky tractor. If you take the shortcut and see that he's heading towards you, squeeze into the side of the building and you might just get past that heavy farming vehicle intact. If you collide with the tractor you'll explode and lose a second or two.
Image of Moosejaw Falls.