Gold Rush

The manual says:

From the dizzying heights of the canyons to downtown USA, this course features a couple of shortcuts and some nasty rock hazards.

Hazards and shortcuts:

Good vehicle choices:

Any vehicle should do on this track. It helps to have a fair bit of speed, but good cornering can really help. Best advice is to drive the car you're best with.

Map of Gold Rush track.

Guide to map

  1. Cyclone! A spinning funnel of confusion, this twister can lift your car up in the air and spin it, throwing it down somewhere facing the wrong way and bouncing. It doesn't always affect you, and it helps if you're moving fast. Aim for the centre of the funnel if you can.
  2. A gold mine is all well and good, but the mine carts will cause you to explode if you crash into them.
  3. Boulders fall from above, landing on this bend. You don't get much warning, but don't worry if you get hit. They only squash your car.
  4. This steep climb ends in a big drop. Keep your speed up when heading for the jump, but don't turbo if you're in a sporty car or you'll go into velocity overkill, bouncing wildly against the rockface the other side.
  5. Once you make it across the jump you'll land with a bounce in this area. This requires some nice handling, for this landing zone is uneven and makes up part of a very steep bend. Smooth driving is the term to keep in mind.
  6. As you come to this junction, take the route that begins to turn into tarmac. This leads up to a bridge and a long, undulating straight. If you're feeling daring, hit the turbo.
  7. Those of you who let loose a turbo up on the bridge may now live to regret the action as you fly unstoppably towards a large crossroads, across which some large, unshakeable trucks tend to drive. Collision here will cause you to explode, so keep an eye on the horizon when approaching, and if a truck should block your path hit the brakes and let it pass.