Ghost Cars for Ignition

Here is the depot of Ignition ghost cars, pre-recorded best times for you to download and race against. The league table is no longer being updated, so please don't send in your best times. (Sorry, but it's now more than a decade since Ignition's 1995 release.)

Racing against the ghost cars

  1. Peruse the list of ghost cars below. Choose one you reckon you can beat. Go on. I dare you.
  2. Download the zipped ghost car file by clicking it in the list below. Unzip the file into your Ignition directory in the ghosts folder. If you already have a ghost car file for that track, either rename it, back it up, or delete it.
  3. Once the file is in place, load Ignition. In the Options menu in the Game Options is a setting called Ghost Car. This should be set to ON.
  4. Now you have the file and you have activated the ghost car. All that's left is to race. Start a game, choose Time Trial and then choose the car you are best with. Then choose the track that corresponds to the file you downloaded. So if you downloaded the Tokyo Bullet ghost car, you can only race that ghost car on the Tokyo Bullet track. Once you have started the race on the right track, you should be sitting on the start line, apparently alone. You aren't alone. The ghost car is hidden under you, waiting for the light to go green. A ghost car cannot get in your way ('cause it's a ghost) but it can embarrass you by overtaking you and leaving you breathing ethereal dust.
  5. Try to beat the ghost car. If you beat a ghost car then your race will have recorded over the ghost car file for that track.

These ghost cars are all of extreme difficulty. Do not spend your time downloading any of them unless you are a skilled racer.

Ghost car table
Track Car Time Driver File size
Moosejaw Falls Ignition 1:34.71 PAO Paolo Rocco 61 KiB
Gold Rush Ignition 1:06.98 T.P Teppo Mattsson 45 KiB
Snake Island Ignition 1:50.85 MAM Massimo Millardi 69 KiB
Lost Ruins Ignition 2:12.30 MXM Massimo Millardi 88 KiB
Yodel Peaks Ignition 2:10.37 PAO Paolo Rocco 81 KiB
Cape Thor Ignition 1:42.62 MXM Massimo Millardi 68 KiB
Tokyo Bullet Ignition 2:01.75 R.B Rokus van der Bas 62 KiB

Please note: I am no longer asking people to send in their best times. The table is no longer being updated.