The Racers in Ignition

Ignition has, in total, eleven cars. However, you only get seven to start with. To get hold of the rest you need to complete the higher difficulty levels.


The following cars are available to play right from the minute you first start playing.


Small image of Coop.

The manual says: Small, fast and perfect for nipping between cars and hazards.

Top speed: 190

Turbo speed: 280

Turbo recharge: 5 seconds

This car won't get you far in the big leagues without a lot of practice and skill, but it can be harnessed. Sporting the best top speed and a high acceleration, it is great for speed races, but its poor handling means that twisty tracks will throw it off the trail more often than not.


Small image of Evac.

The manual says: A jungle jeep with plenty of zip.

Top speed: 165

Turbo speed: 245

Turbo recharge: 5 seconds

This is the lame dog of the pack. It is painfully slow, and you're more likely to passout than pass the finish line. It's supposed to have the best grip, but this doesn't usually outweigh the snail speed and poor turbo, and being a light vehicle it bounces and spins a lot.


Small image of Enforcer.

The manual says: Clear a path when you hear and see the siren and flashing lights!

Top speed: 175

Turbo speed: 305

Turbo recharge: 7 seconds

Reasonable on corners but not great, this car's greatest moment is on the road, where its good speed and strong turbo will kick it down the track. A good car for speedways and pretty responsive on less favourable terrains too.


Small image of Redneck.

The manual says: Flash, slick and perfectly designed for showing off your powerslides.

Top speed: 175

Turbo speed: 300

Turbo recharge: 6 seconds

Very similar to the Enforcer, but with notable differences. The Redneck has slightly better grip, indeed more able to show off your powerslides, and is designed to turbo more often, using this to advance its position at every oppurtunity.

School Bus

Small image of School Bus.

The manual says: Shaped like a house brick, fast and full of screaming children. The School Bus gets in everybody's way!

Top speed: 170

Turbo speed: 280

Turbo recharge: 6 seconds

Though laughed at, and often looked upon as a bit of a joke, the school bus is in fact one of the best vehicles in the hands of a knowing driver. It can smash opponents out of its way, block the road, and corner like a dream. What it lacks in speed it gains in sheer responsiveness. It is very possible to complete the Pro Championship with this vehicle, so don't laugh at it. It may well overtake you or knock you into a ravine.


Small image of Bug.

The manual says: Great all rounder and looks like an insect.

Top speed: 170

Turbo speed: 300

Turbo recharge: 5 seconds

Being light, like the Coop, this car is in real trouble if it spins, often rotating several times to end up facing the wrong way. However, this is still a good vehicle on most tracks, and it has very nice handling for getting round tight corners.


Small image of Smoke.

The manual says: This diesel guzzling truck might not be the quickest of the vehicles, but it's one hell of a road hog when it wants to be.

Top speed: 165

Turbo speed: 255

Turbo recharge: 5 seconds

This racer is heavy. Corners slowly but surely and has a low top speed. In all, this one requires some serious skill to get past the finish line with any good placing. But if the truck's heavy, sluggish cornering and tank-like road-holding skills are used to their full, it might just do the trick on some courses. Not likely to get you through the Pro Championship, though.

Speed Demons

The following cars cannot be selected immediately. It says in each car's table when they are made available.


Small image of Banana.

Available to you: after completing Novice Championship.

The manual says: Excellent handling, fast acceleration and the coolest looking car.

Top speed: 180

Turbo speed: 305

Turbo recharge: 7 seconds

This is a nice, fast car but, despite what the manual says, its handling will cause problems on some terrain. It's still a very nice car, and worthy of the higher championships, but full use of its impressive turbo must be made on the straights. This car was designed for overtaking in style.


Small image of Monster.

Available to you: after completing Amateur Championship.

The manual says: Big mean and just plain angry looking. The 4x4 monster has great grip and looks to crush all the competition.

Top speed: 180

Turbo speed: 315

Turbo recharge: 7 seconds

With its heavy weight and great handling, this truck can corner at great speed. On a sharp corner where a lighter vehicle would crash and spin wildly, the Monster can crash and spin to face roughly the right direction, giving it a massive advantage on the winding track. Its good top speed and mad turbo make it a great choice on the speedways too. This truck is easily worthy of the Pro Championship.


Small image of Vegas.

Available to you: after completing Pro Championship.

The manual says: Something of an all-rounder, the Outlaw's high-wheel clearance gives it good grip, which is matched by zingy acceleration.

Top speed: 180

Turbo speed: 330

Turbo recharge: 7 seconds

I've no idea who Outlaw is, but Vegas sure as Hell doesn't have good grip. Vegas is one fast car, with great acceleration, but it's always like driving a shopping trolley as he meanders along straights and bounces dizzyingly around corners. However, if you can tame the Vegas, you are guaranteed success, as his turbo will destroy all in his path. Just don't aim it at a corner.


Small image of Ignition.

Available to you: after completing Mirror Championship.

The manual says: The champion of champions car. You won't be driving this one for a while!

Top speed: 185

Turbo speed: 410

Turbo recharge: 7 seconds

Indeed the ultimate car. The speed of Vegas on rocket fuel, the grip of Smoke, and the manoeuvrability of the School Bus. This car will break all your best times in half.