Cape Thor

The manual says:

Drive carefully motormouth, because in Iceland, rutted roads and sweeping mountains paths are the least of your worries.

Hazards and shortcuts:

Good vehicle choices:

School Bus, Monster, Vegas.

Bad vehicle choices:

Evac, Coop, Bug.

Description of track

This is a great track. Challenging, confusing, and varied. To start with you'll race across a large and mainly unmarked section of grass which tends to lose people the first time they play the track. Then you'll come to the sharpest, most angular sections of track there are, great for spinning wildly on.

You don't want to take a light car on this track, as the whole thing is bumpy and the corners don't offer much in the way of grip. After a few sharp corners you come to a junction. Go up to jump across onto snow, or take another, incredibly angular shortcut to save some time. Take the shortcut, but reduce the speed a bit or you'll get stuck.

Right in the middle of the course you'll come to a section which is all dark, the road seemingly charred. The volcano is just up ahead. Now you have a choice: get your speed right up and jump over the volcano; or slow down and drive around the volcano. If it's important that you don't make any major mistakes, I'd drive around the volcano, because getting over it isn't as simple as having enough speed - the volcano chucks up rocks, and hitting one of them will explode your car.

After the volcano you'll come to a small section of familiar dirt track. Along a bit is another sharp corner, with a great big rock stuck in the middle. Either take the inside of the curve or the outside, but don't ride along the centre of this patch of road.

Straight after that corner you come to a small fishing village with tarmac roads. This is a perfect oppurtunity to use a turbo, for a couple of bends later and you are at the finish line.