The Fifty States Game

How many of the US States can you recall before the time runs out?

What is The Fifty States Game?

Everyone knows at least a few of the fifty US States which make up the United States of America. But how many can you name under pressure without cheating? This game is as old as the hills, but it's surprising how difficult it is to name all fifty US States.

To score in this game you must type in the full names of as many US States as you can, one after another, until either you've found all fifty states, or the time runs out. You must spell the name perfectly, and must separate words with a space, but capital letters are not required, so don't waste time hitting the Shift key.

You don't need hit the Enter key: a correct answer will be accepted as soon as you've typed it. You can hit the Escape key to clear the input field quickly if you type a dud answer.

For your score to be valid, you must rely on memory alone, and you must not cheat by referring to a list while you play. When the game ends you'll see how your score compares with others who have played before you, be shown the full list of US States so you can see which ones you missed, and learn which US States people have given most and least frequently.

Get your memory ready and hit the start button below.