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Sweet Vindication

For years I've argued with guys who claim 'golden ears' that I really couldn't tell the difference between .wav and .mp3 files except in extreme cases. They scoffed at me (the same guys who claim to be able to tell the difference between zip cord and high-class speaker wire).  I compose, sing and play music as have a good library of various genres. Well... look what this English dude has to say after his exhaustive testing of lossless vs. lossy CODECS. He can't tell the difference either!  I'm pleased to know I'm not alone in this world harboring this opinion.  Thank you for the exhaustive research and well-written paper. 

Posted 12th May 2015 @ 02:34:17 UTC by James B. Potter from Missouri, USA


I can thoroughly recommend rockbox.

I bought a Sandisk player 2-3 years ago. The stock firmware was absolute rubbish, wouldn't even finish booting but kept trying to index everything on the 32GB SD card I'd put into it.

So tried to put on rockbox using the rockbox installer.

Didn't work, kept telling me the sandisk was one model and I knew it was another. But the firmware for that wouldn't boot.

Turned out the installer was right and I was wrong; when I allowed it to install the firmware for the model it (correctly) identified everything was just dandy.

Not only does it play Ogg Vorbis and FLAC (my lossy and lossless codecs of choice) it does genuine gapless playback. I have yet to find a player whose stock firmware did that.

My advice to anyone with a player that rockbox supports is, don't hesitate, install it. With my Sandisk it left me in dual-boot configuration so I *could* use the stock firmware if I wanted to.

I've never wanted to.

Rockbox is the best MP3 player firmware I've ever encountered, certainly better than that supplied with any of the players I've owned.

Posted 16th June 2016 @ 21:56:16 UTC by dgrb from Canada

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