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Repalygain has bug

I record digital music into cassettes for my customers. I use foobar2000 to play digital music as source. The digital music are all from my customers. So I use the replaygain add-in. Several times I found it has imperfection on equalizing the track gain. I can demonstrate you the tracks that it can't go well with.

Posted 25th December 2016 @ 06:07:10 UTC by Frank Chen from China

The foobar2000 forums

I've always been happy with the ReplayGain performance in foobar2000, but I'm not involved in the development of foobar2000 or the ReplayGain plugins so I can't help to explain any imperfections you've encountered. If you think you've found equalization problems then you should visit the foobar2000 forums to report a bug.

Posted 20th January 2017 @ 19:29:32 UTC by Bobulous

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