This section is for articles about coding, scripting, and programming, mostly using PHP, Java, and XML technologies.

JMH benchmarks
Articles about JMH benchmarks which look for the fastest and most memory-efficient way to write code in Java.
Using MainArgsHandler in Java.
An introduction to a Java utility class which processes command-line arguments passed to a Java application.
Intervals in Java.
An introduction to a Java package which offers support for mathematical intervals.
Paging with XSLT 2.0.
How to produce multiple pages of data from a single XML file, using an XSLT 2.0 stylesheet.
Handling errors in PHP.
Create custom error handlers that discreetly tell you about errors on your live site.
Reading XML feeds in PHP 5 using SimpleXML.
How to extract data from XML and then cache it for repeated display on your page.
Custom 404 error handler in PHP.
Present a more helpful 404 "File not found" error page to your lost visitors.
The GNU find command.
How to use find and BASH to run a script on every directory within a directory tree.
Apache 2 with PHP 5 CGI.
How to get Apache 2 to use PHP 5 built as a CGI executable.
Keep PHP files in different directory trees.
Advice on how to keep library files separate from page-generating scripts.
Reading data from an XML feed onto your site with PHP.
A guide to extracting data from RSS feeds to display on your site.
XML data extraction using regex.
A three-page article that offers two handy PHP functions for extracting data from XML files using regular expressions.
A content randomizer in PHP.
A way to randomly select content for output to a webpage.
Mailform abuse and how to prevent it.
A tale of how the feedback form on this website was exploited by junk mailers, and what changes were needed to fix the problem.