The teamleader

Name: Mark Ronan.

Bed: Top of bunk-bed at front of boat. Place #4 on diagram.

link to photo: Portrait of Mark

Mark is a committed member of the Venture Scouts. Laugh if you will, but the stories he tells sure don't make it sound like Sunday school. More like an education in the teachings of FHM.

Because of his years of scouting he is an able and willing outdoorsman, a team leader, a man who knows a lot of obscene jokes, and a man always prepared for what lies ahead. Such as a canal holiday.

link to photo: Mark replacing his cap

Mark was the chief organiser of the grand excursion, researching the routes, planning necessary supplies, finding boat-hire companies and working it all out with a lot of assistance from Finbar.

What was Mark planning to get from a canal holiday? Probably the chance to rough it in a new kind of way: floating on a boat-shaped chunk of metal with a load of other people miles away from anywhere. And why not? He'd mastered mountaineering, hiking, and camping in burning forests. Eight days on a boat would require new skills, provide new experiences, and probably result in a lot of laughs. And that's what it's all about, surely?

link to photo: Mark under a bridge

Not to mention the possibilities for serious drinking. Getting totally pissed out of his brain without having to worry about being in a fit state for work the next day would be a fine thing. He wouldn't even have to worry about his mum complaining about the sad state he'd be in the morning after.

What better motives could a man want?