The main advisor

Name: Finbar.

Bed: Single bed at front of boat. Place #3 on diagram.

link to photo: Portrait of Finbar

If we suddenly decide we need the history of it all, the whole thing was actually Finbar's idea from the beginning. Standing with Mark at the edge of a canal in Talybont (Wales) waiting for a narrowboat to pass so they could cross the bridge to get to the shop on the other side, Finbar said something along the lines of: "Oh my God. Can you imagine all of us going on a canal holiday? That'd be a laugh." At that moment Mark's eyes lit up and from then on the two of them played the idea over in their minds, Finbar probably thinking Mark was joking. And understandably, too. I mean, who really spends a holiday on a canal boat? Oh how we all laughed when the two of them brought it up. Until we saw that deadly serious look on Mark's face. Then we knew we were in trouble. Not long after the initial discussions, it had been decided. We were going on a canal holiday.

link to photo: Finbar in the rain

Finbar probably wanted to go for similar reasons to Mark. It'd be interesting, and there'd be plenty of pubs to get drunk at. It'd be something new, something he'd never even thought of doing before, not to mention all the booze there'd be. He might even have been looking forward to all that lazing about in scenic English countryside, and of course all of the drinking. Not to suggest for a minute that Finbar is a raging alcoholic. Quite the opposite, in fact. He has limits and he's surprisingly good at staying within them. Though he is helped by the fact that he drinks alcoholic beverages so slowly that you could raise a family in the time it takes him to finish one pint.

link to photo: Finbar