The sensible crewman

Name: Benjamin Lim.

Bed: Bottom of bunk-bed at front of boat. Place #4 on diagram.

link to photo: Portrait of Ben

I've known Ben for almost as long as I've known Mark and Finbar. He's always been the sensible, level-headed member of our group. In fact, it was Ben that carefully drew up our itinerary for the week, and he did a good enough job of it that we only briefly couldn't keep to the schedule.

link to photo: Ben relaxing with a bottle

The fact that Mark and Finbar were planning the trip was probably enough to persuade Ben to join in. And he was probably looking forward to a break after all the studying, some freedom and independence, because at the time of planning we were all just about to start A-Level exams, and Ben was definitely working hard to succeed.

link to photo: Ben

Ben, too, was probably looking forward to the many pub stops, but I doubt he was hoping for an orgy of drinking. Ben is not a person who tries to get mad drunk. If anything, a few units of alcohol seem to make him more solemn.