Fearless Riz laughs in the face of a water surge

photo: Rizwan, sharply in-focus, hangs from the top-right of the image, grinning; behind him, filling the rest of the shot, is a gently out-of-focus view of the front of the boat, close up against the lock gate as water gushes into the lock, frothy white as it is forced through the tight openings.

Location: the lock that leads into Stourport Basins from the River Severn.

Date: Monday 29th June 1998.

Equipment: Yashica T5 compact.

Emulsion: Fujifilm Superia 400.

Keywords: lock gate, central paddle, water surge, gushing water, front of narrowboat, big smile.

Notes: Riz was not quite so fearless the next day [Tuesday], when he was the first to escape to safety when the front of the boat got flooded by a much larger surge.