The sun sets on Stoke Works

photo: the lower half of the shot is black, a silhouette of terrace rooftops, telephone wires and posts, and treetops; the upper half of the shot is a sunset sky, a smudge of yellow wrapped by peach, underneath is rich orange, above is darkening blue; in the left portion of sky is a fine crescent moon, made to seem tiny by the wide-angle lens.

Location: Stoke Works, Worcestershire; on the way back to the boat from the pub by the canal.

Date: Saturday 27th June 1998.

Equipment: Yashica T5 compact.

Emulsion: Fujifilm Superia 400.

Keywords: sunset, landscape in silhouette, moon, clouds.

Notes: actually, this shot came out very poorly with grey, low-contrast foreground and fairly faint sky colours. So I digitally improved it, and now it looks almost as good as it did at the time.