Tunnel hyperspeed

photo: the red and blue front of the boat is clearly seen in the lower half of the image; the upper half of the image is a blur of the tunnel, caused by the long exposure; the motion blur causes everything but the front of the boat to appear as a brown set of semicircles, wired together by fine lines of perspective that move outward from the centre, from the tunnel exit far away, unseen.

Location: Wast Hill Tunnel, Worcester & Birmingham Canal.

Date: Friday 3rd July 1998.

Equipment: Canon EOS 50e using 28mm f/2.8 lens.

Emulsion: Fuji Superia 400.

Keywords: canal, narrowboat, tunnel, long exposure, slow shutter speed, motion blur.

Notes: in case it's worrying you, we weren't actually travelling at any speed greater than 4mph. This is a 30-second exposure (maybe 20-second, not sure).